Jakarta ( Not long after the presidential candidate (Capres) - presidential candidate's vice (Cawapres) of the Republic of Indonesia, the groups supporting third-couples the presidential candidate's vice-presidential candidate already directly engaged. One of them through the virtual world of social networking sites such as Facebook.

Facilities in the 'search', for example, just type the Win-JK (Jusuf Kalla-Wiranto). It will show an approximately 30-over group support Capres pair-cawapres announced the beginning of this.

His name is also diverse. There are 'JK-WIN', 'JK-WIN For President', 'Vote-WIN JK', 'Volunteer JK-WIN', 'JK-WIN For INDONESIA', 'Maros of JK-WIN' and others. Number of members, from the under 10 to hundreds.

Try typing 'JK-Wiranto', detikcom search, on Monday (18/5/2009) there are about a dozen support groups that carried Party Works Group (Golkar) and the Partai Hati Nurani Rakyat (Hanura) appeared.

'JK-Wiranto', 'Volunteer JK-Wiranto', 'JK-Wiranto FANS CLUB', 'Say Yes For JK - Wiranto' is some of the names of support groups for JK-Wiranto.

What about Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) and Boediono? It seems not too different. There are about 30 support groups terpampang the word 'SBY-Boediono' diketikkan in the 'search'.

Couples who declared in Bandung, Friday 15 May 2009 ago this did not get less support. 'President Susilo Capres & B and Cawapres Boediono Yudhoyono (SBY true)', a group that collects the light is 2678 members.

There are also 'Nusantara Network (JN) for SBY-Boediono 2009-2014', 'SELECT SBY - Boediono FOR 2009-2014 President,' and 'Let's Support SBY-Boediono (SBY true)'. Oh yes, some groups of them to install the latest photos in the declaration when they Sabuga, batik wear red lights.

Groups supporting Megawati Soekarnoputri-Prabowo Subianto no less militant. Group name such as' BALAGA (Barisan Mega Martial Prabowo), '' axis of Prabowo Mega ',' Say "YES!" to Mega-Prabowo 'terpampang in battle between dozens of supporters of the group.

In addition, support groups Capres third, there are groups to anti-ketia pair Capres cawapres it. 'Say NO to Mega-Prabowo, SBY-Budiono, JK-Wiranto, and other elite Fraudster', for example, has 203 members gather.

There is also 'What Must (Not) Win-JK, SBY - Budiono or Mega - Prabowo' successful get 61 members. Deskripsinya in the box, this group was formed purposely to see the responses to the Capres-cawapres.

"Please comment on the wise, please support with a creative way, please do not also reject the curse," wrote the group moderator.

So, you're interested in joining the group, which?

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  1. paham - gak paham. tetep komen ke blog teman.. hahahaha

  2. kalau aku sich lanjutkan aja ya bro....he..he...u know what I mean?

  3. *garuk2 kepala...
    Aye kagak gape bahasa bule.....

  4. yang mana ya... *bingun*

  5. siapapun presidentnya mas... tetap saya dukung, wong saya mah rakyat mas, jadi ya nerimo saja apa kata mereka. jang jelas mah adil dan selalu memikirkan wong cilik, sanes(bukan) begitu kang mas... btw nice blog..

  6. siapapun yg nanti kepilih,mudah2an bisa membawa kebaikan buat kita semua


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