In order to commemorate the anniversary of independence indonesia republic that fell on 17 August, I made this post. After the previous indonesia affected various big events (natural disasters, accidents, terrorism) that make me feel sick as "ANAK NEGERI". but it will not change my love and my proud as indonesian.

I feel proud as indonesia citizen. That is the sentence that I want to say to all people. although many problems that faced by the country I really love. one example that makes me proud is a news follows.

Game "Dino Duel" produced Matahari Studios, and "Game News" production Pesona Education of Indonesia got positive response from the game lover in the United States, Europe, and Australia.

"Many Indonesian people game production that demand at the international level, one of Dino Duel game and educational game that has been exported to 23 countries," said Bullitt Sesariza, Vice Chairman of the Community Development Society videogame Creative Industries Indonesia (MIKTI) in Jakarta, Friday ( 9 / 7).

According to Bullitt, game development industry in India from year to year show positive trends. Referred to the positive development of the game because the industry as one of 14 creative industry sectors that received the attention and full support from the government.

"In one to two years in the future game industry will remember the more interesting our domestic market is very big," said Bullitt.

It is said, at this time the game creator in the country working on various themed game education (educational game), game advertising (advertising), mobile games for mobile phones and game orders from overseas that circulating on the internet.

"Many casual games are downloaded through the Internet the results of the paper published by India but people outside," said Bullitt.

Special game advertising (advert gaming), according to Bullitt, the local market in Indonesia, dominated by local products. So also with the educational games also occupied by a local product because the game overseas is not entirely in accordance with the socio-cultural conditions of the Indonesian people.

"We really hope game industry in Indonesia can continue to grow with the support of the government. With so many creative ideas in Indonesia, we believe in one to two years before we can catch up from Singapore and Malaysia," he said.

At this time in the game industry in the country is still very small. In fact, business opportunities in this field are very promising with the level of employment is very large.

Bullitt mention, at this time there are 10 new game developer companies in Indonesia. "What is so constraints, the industry is loaded with entrepreneurial ability," he said.

Countries that have been advanced in the industry as the game industry to the top of the middle class in Asia, namely Korea and Japan.

Other countries in Southeast Asia such as the Philippines also gave high appreciation for the workers in the field of animation and game creation.

In Indonesia, the industry developed a new game in recent years and have not be steal a glance by so many people.

Interest to study the youth game in Indonesia is quite high, but still a few institutions that provide higher education faculty in the field of animation including game.

And many more.......

(news source : MI news)

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  1. be a good indonesian and proud
    from me

  2. so proud of my citizenship with Indonesia, I am proud to be children of Indonesia, semoga indonesia jaya remain, a tiger in Asia, able to knock down all of obstacles that exist, long live Indonesia

  3. hidup indoneiaaaaaaaaa

    salam kenal !!

  4. mntap laaaaaa,,,,
    btw gmn lw,,,kita adakan klik ads bersama,mksudx bergantian antum klik ads saya,saya klik ads km ...nah ini kita lakukan setiap hari... gmn????????
    krn jika yg kita lakukan ini berjalan maka apa yg kita lakukan diinternet bisa membuahkan hasil...
    jawaban aq tunggu....


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