SEO 100%
What is true is 100% SEO blog by That screenshot was taken on it. And I just change a few things that the assessment of So there are a few points according assessed are: 
  1. Headings that include Website Description and Keywords Website
  2. Flash Movies / Animations
  3. Frames and IFrames Usage
  4. Website Links 
  5. Images Descriptions 
  6. Images Titles.
Though I only change section Headings and IFrames its course, while the website link and the image in my opinion is still problematic. But apparently give this blog SEO value 100%.

But that makes me doubt the outcome is because the SEO Score Test of that 100% with widgets from can embeddable on blogs by 36% (see screen shot) :
Update : Furthermore, to make chkme 100% please read the next post (I just edit the section headings and Iframe)  

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