Take a look at this mobile phone presented by the Japanese carrier SoftBank from the company's summer 2009 lineup. You probably won't find anything unusual about it unless I tell you that it's an environmentally friendly gadget. Besides this latest phone from Sharp is a high-end waterproof device. (

The phone includes a solar panel installed on top of the lid. Thus, whenever you're outdoors, your phone will always be charged.

Being exposed to solar power for 10 minutes, charges the phone for one minute of conversation or two hours of standby. smilesmilesmilesmilesmile
Solar Hybrid 936SH can also boast an AF 8Mpix CCD camera module. smilesmilesmilesmile

The phone features a 3-inch full wide VGA display (480 x 854 pixel). Its waterproof functionality can be compared to IPX5/IPX7. smilesmilesmilesmilesmile

Solar Hybrid 936SH supports:
- one-seg broadcasting;
- 3G high speed (HSDPA);
- PC website browsing;
- PC mail.

It also has a high spec movie function and is expected to hit the stores after the end of August and will be available in 3 different colors, including navy, white and earth green.

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  1. andai saja harganya murah tuh.. :D

  2. wah,,, Keren.... ya tu bener,, coba murah,, dah kuborong tuh hahaha

  3. IjoPunkJUtee27 Mei 2009 18.30

    sekedar mengucap selamat sore, karena aye kagak gape bahase bule....liatin gambarnya doank dah membuatku kepengen,....

  4. Mayan...gak sah beli charger hehe, beli set handphonya aja blg ga :D

  5. kepengeeeeen... tapi belum cukup duit, semangat lagi ah ngeblgnya, biar banyak dpt duit... hehe.. slm kenal mas...

  6. Please post a normal direct clickable link to the site, instead of just typing Thanks a lot and cheers.

    Admin of

  7. @gadgets infoniac admin : please check direct clickable link, thanks. :)

  8. this one I like, don't need to go anywhere to charge a cell phone and energy saver too


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