In the middle of 2008, the Company I worked got the problem. The Server where our files save was burn. Many documents loss and unsaved, result of work many-many years unsaved, loss of time to do the last job again. This should not happen if we make preventive action.

The fact, many businesses are now relying on technology for better efficiency and effectively performance in their daily basis operational. Do you know? more than 80% of Information Loss is due to lost or stolen computer equipment!! Therefore, to avoid it all, they provide us with Check Point data security solutions including Data Security, Parameter Security and Crossbeam Systems as Network Security solution.

If you are currently looking for a great IT service to provide your company with excellent IT services including network security, servers or telecommunications then you should see this site

There provide Network Products, Information Telecommunications, Servers, Authorized Cisco Training. While In Network Product they offer new and refurbished switches, routers and security products from Cisco (Authorized), Nortel, Juniper, Extreme, Foundry, 3COM, Enterasys, and HP. In Telecommunication products, they offer Cisco, Avaya, Merlin and Nortel brands ranging in IP phones, switches, voice interface card, and expansion modules. In the Servers category, they provide new, pre-owned and refurbished servers from IBM, HP/Compaq and Dell.

Choosing the best-refurbished device that suit to your budget will become very easy. Therefore, what are you waiting for please visit the web for more.

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