The gold used as standard in many countries financial and also used as jewelry, and electronics. The use of gold in the monetary and financial field based on absolute monetary value of gold itself against many currencies around the world, although officially the world's commodity exchanges, the price of gold is included in the United States dollar currency. The form of the use of gold in the monetary field is often the form of bullion or gold bar in a variety of gram to kilogram weight.

Some of the advantages of gold as an investment:
1. With the wealth of gold which will save you from inflation.
2. Will tend gold price increase, but not because the USD because suppliers / demand of oil and mineral.
3. The Gold investments classified as a low-investment risk, because the price of gold in the long run is always up.
4. Investment in the form of Precious Metal, because when you do not sell them at the expense of making jewelry such as gold from the gold jewelry.
5. Gold Investment is more Liquid if compare with investment in other forms of (easily melted into the form of cash when needed.)

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  1. It will save you money by helping you avoid a purchase of gold costing 10% more than it should.


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