The development of information technology in this case computer and the Internet brings a very powerful influence on human behavior. Imagine, with just sitting in front of our computers can get a lot of information ranging from mild to serious. We also can find / buy goods via the Internet, no longer need to leave the house. But how can we use it (computer / internet) wisely. How can we monitor the use of computers / internet in our family and keep away from the bad influence? Yes, we need the computer spy, why not?

As we know, besides the benefits generated, then there is also the resultant negative side, such as the following story. A few days ago my neighbor's fuss over his girl who knows a friend who was opening porn site in a telecommunications shop "WARNET". This was already going on within a rather long time, before the parents did not think his friends are often seen on the internet porn sites. Due to friend of his son's quiet compared to other children who were 11-year-old's this should not have happened if the parents or the shop manager of telecommunications services can filter or spying the computer certain sites to be no accessible to children under age.

For that reason we must be careful in watching our child while using the internet / computers. One way is to use a device that manufactured by, which is a tool that will the computer spy. The fact which I wrote before is true:
* About 15% of children admit to chatting with strangers online, including access to adult sites
* 1/3 of divorce litigation is caused by online affairs and,
* 25% of company time is spent by employees goofing off.

Once again, to prevent accessing adult sites / violence from the children, we can work at the computer spy tool set that will filter / block sites that we do not want that can not be opened by children. The tool from BrickHouse Security was claimed easy To Use & Undetectable Total Computer Spying Covertly Monitors Passwords, Chatting, Photos, Websites & More. Interesting to use it?

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