What is web hosting?
Hosting is a place to store files online, which then files can be accessed at a particular address, called domain.

Now it is clear the relationship between web hosting with domain, after we determine a domain name eg (usually a domain name according to our goal to create a website) to personal / webblog or for business. So the domain name will provide images for our next site. While web hosting useful to save the file to your needs and our willingness, files here can be documents, writings, images, videos and more. In addition to web hosting we can make changes, starting from the side view, writing, features, plug-in, features, ads download, chat, forums and much more

A good web hosting is very supportive online business that you develop. If your online business has a global customer web server hosting is that you should be in the nearest area of the market share you're going to speed global access to adequate.

You can compare the best 10 web hosting available today for consideration, if you want to use web hosting services. Which of course adapted to the needs of

Besides price, unlimited space, and uptime, then the security level to be significant factors for consideration if your site is has become a business website.

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