The development of technology including computer and internet will be followed by the impact of good and bad. The good influence of course is very we want but otherwise? Lately the cyber crime case increasing that make us worried, so how to eliminate or at least reduce the influence is bad? Yes, one of them is to install computer spy. This is used to monitor people who are not authorized to access the address / web specific. Why do we have to use this tool? Because with this device we can know and control the activities that we do not want.
  • Have you ever wondered what your children are doing on the Internet? Whom they have talked to and what pictures they have seen?
  • Are you suspecting your husband or wife is cheating on you? whom they emailed to? what movies they have seen? whom they have chatted with ?
  • Do you want to know what your employees are doing during work hours?

The fact is :
  • about 15% of children admit to chatting with strangers online,
  • 1/3 of divorce litigation is caused by online affairs and,
  • 25% of company time is spent by employees goofing off.
so what are you waiting for? Goodness of us all is the main, the decision on you hand . You can try computer spy to protect your family, business and more. The advantage of this tool is Undetectable And Easy-To-Use. How it work? Tricks Your Computer By Embedding In Your Operating System. The Stealth iBot Computer Spy™ is a computer spying tool that is designed to covertly record all computer activity including passwords, keystrokes, screenshots, and websites visited. Why is it so good? Because its sneaky design embeds itself directly into the OS, tricking most antivirus and antispamming programs.
This tool is developed by a company that Headquartered in New York, BrickHouse Security (a Division of BrickHouse Electronics LLC) is dedicated to assisting the public and government.
For me, computer spy is very usefull. Wanna try it?

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  1. Awesome,
    kunjung balik ya sobat di postingan baru q nieh

    Membuat Read More Otomatis 

    Jangan lupa ngomentnya xeps...!??

    Hitsuke and NarutoFans 

  2. Dengan kunjungan ini saya mohon maaf bila ada komentar-komentar yang mungkin tidak berkenan atau menyinggung .
    Selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa.Semoga amal dan ibadah kita dapat diterima oleh Allah SWT.

  3. wah ini postingan berbayar ya?? mau donk

  4. @Blogpopuler : sama-sama semoga kita dapat menjalankan ibadah puasa dengan sempurna, amin
    @Daywalker : just try & error :)
    @Bule : No it just like USB


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